Hi, I’m Kallie 

I’m a somatic practitioner with a background in traditional and tantric yoga + embodiment. 

I was voted friendliest in high school. A damn near professional people pleaser. 

A few years back, thanks to my conscious efforts as well as an expected slew of grief, loss, and heartbreak, all the masks fell away. 

I discovered who I was without the mask of chronic fawning. I learned what it felt like to be disliked. And how to find safety within it. 

And the power behind it. 

What becomes available to you when you release the need to be liked?

How exciting. 

Let’s go.


What to expect in my work:

Somatic explorations to support you in healing from people pleasing

Healthy anger release and integration

Inner villain embodiment (de-shaming the parts of yourself you previously had locked away)

Establishing healthy and unapologetic boundaries

Cultivating embodied safety and pleasure


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Get instant access to Kali’s signature on-demand course, VENOM. A healing from people pleasing 101 course with somatic practices to support you in becoming your most authentic and embodied self.

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